About Our Esperance Medical Centre

aboutUs1Recherche Medical Centre is a family practice currently with 8 co-located  General Practitioners who are active members of the Esperance community some  being long term residents of Esperance. They provide all aspects of primary medical care.  All co-located  doctors working from Recherche Medical Centre have admitting rights to Esperance Health Campus, participate in the Emergency Department services including the out of hours roster.  The doctors have a variety of special interests which enable them to provide comprehensive care.  Dr Lillian Barrymore is providing antenatal care and women’s health. Dr Jono Mbangani provides anaesthetic services.  Dr Toby Pearn provides care for many  of the residents at the Esperance Aged Care Facility with weekly visits as well as home visits for frail and elderly who find it difficult to attend the surgery.  Dr Rachel Van Zetten is a GP Registrar studying for her fellowship. She has gained extensive experience in multiple departments particularly in paediatrics, women’s health and emergency care.

Recherche Medical is proud to be an accredited teaching practice for the students of the Rural Clinical School based in Esperance for which Dr Louise Pearn is the Chancellor.  For many years Recherche Medical Centre have provided valuable teaching to medical students to give them a taste of rural and remote general practice in anticipation that it will attract more doctors to the area. On occasion you may be asked on arrival to your appointment  if you consent to a student sitting in on your consultation with your doctor.  The Rural Clinical School has been proven to increase the number of young doctors keen to work in rural areas such as Esperance as well as to prepare them with the varied skills needed for rural general practice.

Recherche Medical Centre is accredited by Australian General Practice Accreditation Ltd to the standards of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners – 5th Edition standards proving their dedication to excellence and continual quality improvement in all aspects of primary care.

About Esperance

AboutEsperence Esperance is a popular tourist seaside town in western Australia, with a population of 15,000 people, that serves as the centre for a large farming and mining area. Esperance is blessed with incredible pristine beaches, including the the famous Lucky Bay, consistently rated the beast beach in Australia. The isolation of Esperance means it is very self sufficient, with a full complement of services, good schools, and a vast array of enviable sporting facilities, clubs and arts. The surf, fishing, and sailing here is exceptional. Medicine in Esperance is unique in western Australia, on account of its size and services being entirely provided by a very stable population of resident procedural GPs, many of whom have been here for over 20 years. Esperance is very fortunate not to have had to rely on an ever changing workforce of fly in fly out Doctors as other communities in regional WA have to. Any doctors interested in temporary or permanent work in Esperance are encouraged to contact the practice.